the rise of the low-cost laptop


Antoine and Agathe


The economist june 7.2008 p 5

I.                    100$ laptop

2005 at a submit in tunisia a professor Dr negropante unveiled (dévoiler) a small green and convenient computer : the XO laptop which is rain and drop proof (anti-choc). 100$ : a combinaison of clever design and a scale efficiency. Government order millions of them for children in school with aim an educational project designed for children in developing countries. This computer is made by american.

II.                  A new era

First local laptop harbinger (signe avant coureur). Price=> revolutionary. The whole people could be equip with this laptop.

III.                Negative aspects

It causes a stir amoug those interested in ecological development. They think they have other things to do before. Finally they reduce the amount of computers they ordened to 300.000 and they have competitor : classmate laptop => it has outstripped the sales of the XO laptop in developing countries. XO laptop=> Lenux system : drawbacks. Classmate laptop : Windows.

Indians have announced that they will produce a 25$ laptop

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