the next green revolution


Djé, Kevin and Alex


The economist, 23 February 2008, p 67


Three decades from now, the number of people is going to be 3, 5 more than today. To cater to the large number of people.

GMOs are made with engineer technique; they have been adopted by the USA because of soil erosion, desertification, water shortage, acid rain and global warming, to try to answer these problems.

The European Union does not like it. The only GMOs that EU imported are animal food, because many European thought that GMOs are dangerous.


I.                    A brighter future

People thought GMOs was unhealthy.

Scientists say that GMOs are safe (this is a change of mind)

The EU commission wants to adopt GMOs

GMOs help to get higher yields with less water and energy

It helps the industry Monsanto to double their profits

GMOs will provide benefits to consumer (oil (ici huile) made with GMOs test better and produces no trams-fats (mauvaises graisses).

No scared about obesity so may have his place in Europe

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