the new face of hunger


By Adelie and Barbara


The economist, april, the 19th 2008, p30

Food shortages[1] in developing countries

I.                    Facts

Period not stable. In countries all along the equateur, people are hungry. Situation become more and more warring, period with cheap food is over, food crises appeard in the world, witch is different from the overs because it concerned more countries and new people.

II.                  Causes

Purshasing power is getting lower + economic’s crises : people are not eable to buy product. Food pricess inflation, global warming, environmental issues and a lack of water.

III.                Impacts

Problems for developing countries ; They eat 50% less. Creat famine and desasters situation. This situation raises povrety. Help appears but not currently because of the financial crise : Gouvernments protected their own market with tarifs, price contrôle and subsidies. However, more and more people are ill-feed[2]. Many countries are  reluctant about OGM, which improved yields[3]

[1] Shortage : pénurie

[2] Ill-feed : sous alimenté

[3] Yield : rendement

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