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Armelle and Valentine


Newsweek, April 14 2008 p 20

It deals with food shortage in the world

I.                    Facts in India

India needs other country help, because usually harvest[1] is rising with the monsoon and it has unfortunately changes! Actualy, meteological change and entail a drop of 20% in harvest (decrease in harvest by up to 20%). This is a food crisis and there is no reserve left.

II.                  Experts’ analysis about the world situation

Since 2005: important drought[2] in Australia. Climate: impact of the living condition. The demand of bio fuel is increasing because of high price of oil, and so, large quantities of cereal are used in order to make bio fuel. It is a waste.

Climate changes, there is a slump/a drop in the agricultural investment.

IT is a controversial topic[3]

III.                Consequences of the food shortage

People who live in the poor countries are the most affected. They imported 2% less cereals but they will pay 35% more. WFP[4] must receive less founds from countries of OCDE; they will have to cut back aids. The world banks will double loans to help agricultural development in Africa


[1] Récoltes

[2] Sécheresse

[3] Sujet à controverse

[4] World Food Program

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