small is the new big


By Julien C. and Remy


Newsweek, 25 february 2008 p 38

I.                    Society changes

The small cars market is expected ti rise nearly 50% by 2011. Most famous TATA Nano specialy for the Indian market. In europe : Mini, Fiesta, 207 peugeot. It’s a new era. Small cars : new conception paterns, these cars are cheaper than europeans brands. Drop of the purshasing power in europe, could be a success in europe

II.                  Advantages

Small cars protect environment, spread less toxic gazes. Measures will reduce this spreads. After oil crises, small cars was advantaging. Bild the electricity cars with a high demand in developing countries. People are more and more aware concerning asenvironment issues.

III.                Drowbaks

Small cars are less polluted. Indeed, the number of cars on the hearth will bommed/explosed because firms taped emerging market like the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China). And so it would have more pollution than before ! small cars are less protecting than big car in the accident, it will exist more risks.

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