Now it is personal (JLR)


By Martin and Pierre


the economist, august 23 2008

I.                    Présentation

It deals with a famous car brand : Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), an american firm, witch is bought by a family Indian group : TATA Group (and his famous TATA Nano)

TATA Group is composed of 93 firms : TATA Motors, TATA Steel, TATA Consulting….

II.                  The buying (the buy-out)

TATA bought JLR the 26 march 2008, TATA decided to buy it because Land Rover was profitable (but Jaguar wasn’t). Ford sold JLR because of his unhealfy situation.

III.                Issues

JLR production : 31% 4x4 (it’s a lot). With today situation big cars are not the trend, excepte for the China’s and Russian’s market, where TATA sales increased for 100%

IV.                A dark futur

Take measures to protect environnement txes on pollution. Taxes on pollution. JLR makes a lot of big cars -> commercial penalties, financial penalties. JLR’s cars : polluted more than the limit : >130g CO2/Km. They have to improve engines (moteurs).

V.                  Stratégies

The new head office will give JLR more financial independance around 2011. After JLR will become independant from TATA and will improve Land Rover costumer’s service in order to be more competitiv and diversify kinds of cars, to compet with Bentley, to reduced CO2 rejections, invest a lot in R&D. Aluminium chassies liter (plus légers). Today JLR cut jobs in England. Asking for subsidies to be able to survive

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