indian's biggest mobile-phone operator wants to buy african's


Nico and Tibchap


The economist from May 10.2008 p68 to 70

I.                    Présentation

MTN’s group limited (African): leading communication service in Africa, offering several networks in developing countries. Created in 1994. It’s a multinational group operating in 21 countries in Africa. The group recorded millions of subscribers across Africa: 81 million

MTN’s strategy:  to tap new markets in emerging countries. To focus in innovation and R&D. Find common infrastructures.

Bharti Airtel (Indian): 62 million subscribers just in India. Bharti Airtel is the flagship (compagnie fare^^) of Bharti group which have diversified activities: Insurance with AXA, a retailing with Wal-Mart, banking with Rotschild and a telecommunication activity: Airtel. Use of a lot of technologies and r&D: Iphone and Blackberry in India

II.                  Current situation

May 2008, Bharti wants to buy MTN for 37 million dollars, willing to acquire a majority of the stakes. MTN shareholders: one shareholder own 23% shares of the company and African government own 13%. The deal is to success. Bharti and MTN will become the 5th largest mobile operator in the world with a significant presence in Africa, India and west Asia. Bharti wants to improve their presence in Africa: some relation with governments which have allowed the merger: political aspect.

III.                Consequences of the merger

A few months ago: Talks not successful. They asked Bharti to become a subsidiary of MTN but not an owner => a change of deal. Bharti has given up (renoncé) as it wanted to have the majority

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