follow the leader


Jérôme and Rafi


The economist 14 June 2008 p 66

This article deals with the unusual marketing mix Apple is using

I.                    Apple tries to set new standards

There were two revolutions with Apple: 1984: Macintosh: it was the first computer like we have now (with a graphic card and a mouse)

                                                                              2001: IPOD, new symbol of Apple with a huge success

                                                                              Nowadays: The Iphone

II.                  Competitors (Smartphone companies)

Nokia (Finland): Finnish leader with 45% share of the world smartphone market

RIM (Canada): 13% share

Microsoft (USA): sticks to its positions in order to no follow Apple strategy (this is what the others do)

Others: Motorola (usa), LG (korea), PALM (usa)

III.                Marketing strategy

Apple is the first company with a new way of dealing with carriers (opérateurs): Apple asked carriers to give 30% of monthly fees in order to have an exclusivity contract (like Orange in France)

Iphone is available (disponible) in 70 countries (6 before 2008)


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